I Love YYC Chinatown – Teaser

  • 2023.04.02
  • YYC
I Love YYC Chinatown – Teaser

I Love YYC Chinatown – Teaser

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – please sign the ONLINE PETITION asking Calgary City Council to allow for due process before any amendments to the Chinatown Area Redevelopment Plan.

Have a vision before revision – protect Chinatown!

* * *
Patrick Teoh – “A lot of places have lost their Chinatowns, and we’re now at a place we can decide whether one of the last Chinatowns will continue to exist or not.”

James Tworow – “We could easily lose Chinatown in the same way we lost Little Italy.”

Passerby –” I don’t wanna see Chinatown disappear, we all love Chinatown!”

Jenna Swift – “I love the diversity of types of vendors, that there’s a fresh market next to medicines and clothing.”

Laurie Swift – “You can put up a million highrises, but a highrise is a highrise, is a highrise. But when you have an area of character that all people are invited to, then that’s something you want to keep. You don’t want to lose it.”

Elaine – “We need to have more revisions to revitalize the few streets that are left in Chinatown.”

Dale Lee Kwong – If you care about Chinatown, we need your help:
Let your councilor know before April 11th when this issue goes to council.

Julz LaBrash – Keep Chinatown!!

DLK – Let them know you love Chinatown.


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